Which water filter is better to install under the sink

The water filter for washing is the best solution for any housewife, because once installed, you can forget about the long processes of filtering the jug water filter. Today, a full house water filter installation provides you with a constant flow of treated water in seconds. You can pour filtered water directly from under the tap. This way, installing a household water filter under a washer has the following advantages:

  • the instantaneous filtration process;
  • quality water treatment at home;
  • rare change of cartridges;
  • constant supply of freshly purified running water.

Water filter for washing water helps to clean tap water from rust, chlorine and dissolved organic substances. This improves the water’s taste, transparency and removes unpleasant odours. Also, the washing water filter helps rid the liquid of heavy metals.

What types of water filters are available for water purifying?

  1. Reverse osmosis filters. Today, it is one of the best and therefore most popular designs for cleaning water at home. Water passes through a special purifying membrane in which foreign substances are trapped. The same technology is used to produce quality bottled water. Thus, buying a reverse osmosis filter for your kitchen, you will no longer buy bottled water, because now you can “produce” it yourself at home. In this case, the process of treatment will be of equal quality, despite the degree of contamination of tap water. Installing a reverse osmosis filter allows you to clean even hard tap water, which will save your kettle from annoying scale. Once filtered, the water becomes soft and truly delicious. Any hostess will say that soft water is an ideal component for brewing tea and preparing various dishes. During water purification with the help of reverse osmosis filter, nitrates, antibiotics, hormones, bacteria, viruses and cysts are removed from the liquid.
  2. Sorption filters. The principle of operation of the sorption filter is very simple: the cleaning process is carried out with the help of an existing sponge that traps foreign matter in it. The water flow passes through the sorption filter. Hence the name – flow filter for water. The sponge is soaked in activated coconut coal. It is no secret that activated carbon has filtration capacity, so this component is an integral part of the sorption filter. Some models of flow filters, in addition to coal, contain additional fibre “aqualene”, which significantly accelerates the cleaning process and prolongs the life of the filtration cartridge.

Before the water reaches your apartment, it passes through complex plumbing tunnels, on its way losing the quality that meets sanitary standards. Of course, the contamination of tap water is due to the non-fulfilment of underground pipes. For serious tap water treatment, it is important to know how to install a rough water filter. But even it will not be able to clean tap water as much as possible, but it is able to remove large foreign particles, and this will significantly improve the quality of water in the apartment. Here you can find good drinking water filters for kitchen sink https://www.highwaterstandard.com/portfolio-water-filters-for-kitchen.

Many people drink tap water without even boiling it. They do not think about the consequences of such neglect of their health, so they consider installing a water treatment filter a waste of time and money. In this case, water can instantly dissolve a huge number of chemical components, which subsequently adversely affect the human body.