How to Choose Between Solid & Engineered Oak Flooring

The increasing popularity of real oak flooring comes as no surprise.

Homeowners are realising that the cheap laminate flooring solution they thought would bring cleanliness and beauty to their homes was exactly that – cheap!

There is simply no comparison in both look and feel between a real oak floor and a laminate copy.

However, there is now a choice to be made between solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring and this article looks to provide the pros and cons for each.

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Solid or Engineered Oak Flooring – Which to Choose?

Working in the flooring industry we often have customers calling us because they are interested in a solid oak floor. More often than not we end up suggesting they go down the engineered route and then being asked the same thing, ‘why choose an engineered wood floor over a solid oak floor and does it really feel and look as beautiful?’ We are writing this article to briefly outline the main advantages of our engineered wood flooring and why now so many people are choosing the engineered over the traditional solid oak flooring. Throughout this article I will write in reference to a top quality engineered oak flooring with multiple layers of ply wood under core and a thick, long lasting wear layer. I can not speak on behalf of all engineered wood floors as they differ massively in quality and price. In all cases you need to check thoroughly the specifications of the product on offer.

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