5 must-have things for a new home

Many people associate a new apartment and a move with a real holiday, because this is actually the beginning of a new stage of life. But gradually the state of euphoria gives way to feelings, because the move is coming, which means that you need to foresee a lot of little things: to transport old things, buy new things, forget nothing, coordinate all the issues. The head can go round, but if you systematize everything in advance, you will get rid of many problems.

So, what things have to be bought in the new apartment first of all?

Bed, mattress or sofa

Of course, it is better to take care of buying a bed as soon as possible: what will it be, a spacious double bed or a sofa, it is up to everyone to decide in their particular case. The choice depends on the layout and size of the apartment and many other factors. Nevertheless, when choosing a sofa or bed, it is better not to pay attention to the cheapest models, which in a couple of months will begin to creak and break. As for the model and its appearance, then everything depends on the personal preferences of each, as well as on the characteristics of the future interior. By the way, it is better to think it over in advance so that the first purchases will fit in successfully afterwards. At the same time you need to buy a mattress with the bed: here you need to focus on maximum comfort, ergonomics and safety.


From the former place of residence, many of us are left with all sorts of tableware and kitchen utensils, which will be impossible to use if it stays in boxes for a long time. Therefore, one of the first purchases in the new apartment should be exactly the kitchen.

There are a lot of options: the kitchens can differ in size, design, production material, configuration – in general, there are so many different offers that you can find the option that best meets the requirements, or, in extreme cases, order it.

If in the new apartment you do not want to take anything old, then the most necessary cutlery is also included in the list of priority purchases.

Table and chairs

Chairs and a dining table are another mandatory purchases in a new apartment. If new settlers move from their parents’ home or from a rented apartment, then, naturally, there is no such furniture. The main thing is not just to buy the first table and chairs, but to think in advance about the details of the future interior, and starting from this, choose furniture of a certain shape, size and from a specific material. So, kitchen tables can be wooden, glass and even plastic, and in shape – square, rectangular, oval, round or any other complex irregular shape. Chairs have an even greater variety: the table and chairs must be in harmony with each other, so you can pay attention to the ready-made sets.

Hot tub for a bathroom

Another very important element that you have to buy immediately when you buy a new house is a tub. Every home should have a place to relax after a hard day’s work. Should you buy a hot tub? Of course! But pay special attention to the design and quality of the bath. Royal Parcevian has a wide range of different baths that will fit perfectly into the design of any bathroom.


New settlers transport with them, as a rule, a mountain of personal belongings, but they have to buy furniture for the reasons described above. A spacious wardrobe is one of the very first purchases in a new apartment, because there you can store a lot of necessary things. Often, in new buildings, even in the smallest economy-class apartments, there are special niches provided for placing cabinets, fitting out closets and storage rooms, and often there is not even one such niche.